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“There are men who seem born to be the opposite, the reverse, the counterpart. They are Pollux, Patroclus, Nisus, Eudamidas, Ephestion, Pechméja. They live only on condition of leaning on another; their names are sequels, only written preceded by the conjunction “and”; their existence is not their own; it is the other side of a destiny not their own. Grantaire was one of these men. He was the reverse of Enjolras.”


AU where les amis is a group of criminals who steal jewelry and one night they plan to make off with a nice rolex

“courfeyrac you take the watch”

in every modern day au fic involving montparnasse and another character

"what do you want, montparnass-hole


i don’t think i’ll ever laugh harder than when i read the les mis wiki describing Montparnasse as “a striking young dandy with a flair for murder


If you ever feel sad just remember that in 1800’s France, “I’ll black your boots” was slang for “I’ll give you a blowjob”

Grantaire literally said “I’ll suck your dick” to Enjolras’s face and it went straight over his head he is a dumb gay nerd


also have you noticed how when courf and R are gripping javert, grantaire keeps looking at enjolras like ‘has he noticed i’m doing revolution thing’



I don’t think I’ve ever seen another fandom where hand holding actually causes waves of tears

i never stopped crying tbh

dyin’ ain’t so bad - bonnie & clyde